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Kids Personal Training

Kids Personal Training

Trifecta Athletics is a place where kids can come to learn, grow, and build self-esteem in a semi-private and fun environment. Many youth and young adults are nervous to join their peers in athletic or sporting venues due to their own perception of self-image, weight, strength, or ability.

Our Certified Personal Trainers offer kids personal training in Chalortte, NC to kids of all ages and fitness levels. We help your child gain confidence and a positive view of fitness by creating a fun, safe space for them to discover and improve their unique athletic abilities.

Kids Personal Training
for All Ages

The Trifecta Athletics program is designed around each individual child to help promote their personal fitness goals. Some of the more common areas of training include:


  • Weight Lifting
  • Plyometric Exercises
  • Core Strength
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Vertical Jumping
  • Speed and Agility
  • Circuit Training
  • Kick Boxing

Whether your child wishes to lose weight or improve their athleticism and agility, we have the knowledge and experience to support his or her fitness journey. We work with every skill level and age, from youth to elite-level athletes.

There is no athletic requirement when it comes to kids personal training in ChalortteNC. Every session is customized to help your child gain confidence, strength, and courage to try new things and go after their fitness goals.

Fitness Made Fun

Kids personal training in Charlotte, NC is about giving youth the opportunity to become stronger, more confident versions of themselves. We make fitness fun so that your child will gain a life long passion and value for health, wellness, and exercise.

All of our personal training sessions take place in a semi-private environment, allowing your child to challenge themselves in a safe, healthy space. They are given the opportunity to express their fears and concerns so that our professional trainers can better encourage and motivate them as they accomplish their goals and overcome their obstacles. At Trifecta Fitness, we care about your athlete’s well-being and create an environment that both challenges and encourages their personal growth.

Build. Motivate. Grow.

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