Building Your Passion and Skill for the Game

Youth Softball Lessons

Youth Softball Lessons

Improve your softball skills and technique—and build your love for the game—with our group and private softball lessons in Charlotte, NC. Every lesson is taught by a knowledgeable instructor, who is also a former softball collegiate and pro athlete. Our lessons go beyond simple drills and also train students in the techniques and lessons that help them become life-long athletes with a passion for sports, fitness, and hard work.

How to Schedule:

We offer a variety of softball lessons. You can purchase single sessions or packages of sessions. To schedule:

  1. Choose your preferred type of session and your instructor and click search.
  2. Select your preferred time for your first (or only) session. Click Next.
  3. Log into our system or create an account. Choose whether you would like a single session or a package of sessions.
  4. Complete your enrollment.


Softball Lessons to Fit Your Busy Schedule

All group and private softball lessons in CharlotteNC are available in 45-minute sessions, for 4-6 weeks in duration.

Lessons are taught at the Trifecta Athletics facility in Charlotte, which allows us the flexibility to organize lessons to fit your busy athletic schedule. Whether you are already on a softball team or want to gain confidence and strength before your next tryout, we’re here to help support your goals!

While every lesson is unique to the individual or group, all softball lessons in CharlotteNC ensure that students are trained and encouraged to be better athletes, teammates, and leaders both on and off the field. Improve your skills, increase your strength and agility, and be the best athlete you can be.

Group and Private Softball Lessons

Softball lessons at Trifecta Athletics provide both group and one-on-one training environments where your child or junior athlete can advance their abilities and challenge themselves with new skills.

Our softball instructors bring their years of training and knowledge to all softball lessons in Charlotte, NC by creating customized drills and a training schedule that will both challenge and motivate each athlete.

Softball lessons are focused on basic, intermediate, and elite-level skills needed to improve and grow as a teammate and an individual athlete. Every lesson is catered to the specific skill-level of the individual or group.

Softball lessons include:

  • Improving Hand/Eye Coordination
  • Consistency and Power at the Plate
  • Hitting Precision
  • Conditioning and Strength
  • Pitching Precision
  • Footwork
  • Fielding Fundamentals

If you have a specific skill that you wish to improve, notify your instructor, and we will create a training schedule that gets you the results you’re looking for.

Build. Motivate. Grow.

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