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Youth Weight Lifting

About Youth Weight Lifting

Trifecta Athletics offers youth weight lifting programs specifically designed to help your child build strength, gain confidence, and achieve their goals. We train youth and young adults in proper weight lifting techniques and habits so they can gain a well-rounded approach to health, fitness, and athletic achievement.


Why Youth Weight Lifting?

Most gyms do not allow kids in the weight room, inhibiting their fitness goals and long term understanding of strength training. Trifecta Athletics takes a different approach.

Our youth weight lifting in Charlotte NC stems from our own experience as youth and young adult athletes. Each one of our trainers is a former college or professional athlete and knows the importance of building solid weight training techniques from an early age. Whether you want to encourage your child’s athletic goals, future career, or their value for fitness, youth weight lifting is a great place to start.

How It Works

Our youth weight lifting program is structured around your child’s specific goals.

We promote proper technique and form so that our young athletes avoid injury as well as gain knowledge that will last them a lifetime. Each personalized program is designed to challenge your child’s strength, skill, and endurance. We offer weight training for a variety of situations:

  • Athletic growth and achievement
  • Pre-collegiate sports training
  • Injury recovery
  • Strength training
  • Development of core strength
  • Weight loss and toning goals
  • Technique and form management
  • Basic knowledge and introduction to weights
  • Personal confidence and fitness goals

Changing Lives Through Fitness

Trifecta Athletics youth weight lifting in Charlotte NC encourages youth in their fitness, athletics, and strength training goals.

Our professionally trained staff have spent years learning the techniques for building fast, strong, and agile bodies, and they are devoted to bringing that knowledge to the youth of Charlotte NC. Our goal is to create a place for professional athletic instruction where junior athletes can learn hard work, vision, and a passion for health and fitness.

We strive to encourage athletes toward their collegiate and professional dreams, while also promoting a healthy understanding of wellness, strength, and long term fitness.

Build. Motivate. Grow.

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